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Cooltopia manifestó:

We can cool this planet…. And if we work together we can turn it into the coolest place.

Everyone wants to be cool, and there’s nothing cooler than a cooltopian. A cooltopia is anyone that can imagine a better world and puts their energy in that direction. When you recycle, you are a cooltopian, when you help your neighbors you are a cooltopian, when you build a wind farm you are a cooltopian, when you share ideas, when you research, when you build, when you write a book, you are a cooltopian. Cooltopians are citizens of the world, they belong to something much bigger than themselves and they believe that if we work together we can COOL IT.

Climate change is real, is here and it is happening now. The solutions are also happening now. If we work together we can cool it, only if we work together we can turn this crisis into an opportunity to create the coolest planet. For it to happen we need to imagine it first and then start taking the steps. Tons of thousands of little steps, a million different solutions leading all to the collect world we can create. Cooltopia is an invitation to imagine what the world could be, and all the ways we can use to get there faster. Never before in history has humanity had so much knowledge and technology, if we aim our hearts and our minds to aim it we can come

up with beautiful solutions to live in harmony with nature. Cheers to beautiful change, from the micro to the macro we can do it!

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